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It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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“ Matthew and Callie know this but, I’m a musician and songwriter, needless to say I’m gone much of the time working on projects. I inherited a home, a small but nice home and realistically did not want to deal with trying to make income on it and certainly did not want to go live there. Anyway, I decided to try to sell it, I had no success and was upset that such a large dollar amount of a sale would go to the real estate company. After my contract was up, I found Matthew online and just thought I would give it a shot. Bingo, the best move I could have ever made. I deal with all sorts of people in my life and I can tell you these are two of the most enjoyable and likeable that I have been around. What a team. I joked and told them I would write them a jingle when they started prime time commercials. Not kidding, I’ve never been happier in a single transaction in my life. Fast, acceptable, profitable”

- T. Junepriso Nashville Tenn.

“The end result was wonderful.”

“ We were looking at a short sale. If you know what that is, it typically solves a Real Estate problem but leaves you in a very bad credit situation. I found Matt and Callie online. I called them after talking to but not securing two Real Estate companies. These people were talking months with no guarantee. I was so relieved after meeting them to see how genuine and professional they are. If I could say one thing about them it would be that the do exactly what they say and do it when they say they will. The act quickly and are always available. I knew everything that was happening each step of the way. The end result was wonderful. I had a check on the 10th day. I cannot say enough about this awesome team”

- R. Jackson Lakeland Fla.

“My hat is off…”

“ My hat is off to the Rochell Team. Matt was not only the most professional person that I have met but he was also very enjoyable to converse with. My home situation was solved before I could even imagine it a possibility. I live out of state and a home was left rented as I moved to a new position in my career. The renters left, broke lease, never told me and the rest I can tell you was not pleasant. I didn’t even realize how bad this could get. I knew they had not sent rent but I was so busy that it was bad before I caught up with the situation. A friend referred me to Matt and his team took immediate action. Within 7 days I had an offer that relieved me of the strain of dealing with an out of state home that needed repair at some level and was behind on the monthly payments. Thank you to Matt and his amazing team of Real Estate Professionals. They will always be my first call no matter what the situation

- J. Bondra Mt. Clemens Mi.

“ What an amazing option Matthew offered me. Being a single person trying to burn the candle at both ends and falling more behind every single month on my home mortgage, I did not get the answers I wanted or needed from the Real Estate Agents that I spoke to. I called Matthew and his wonderful partner Callie and suddenly my problems began to dissolve. I did not end up with debt and credit issues. They know exactly what to do and they act fast. I just cannot say enough about their loyalty and ability to solve my Real Estate woes. I recommend them to anyone with a home that is in trouble with the bank or just can’t catch up

- J. Hutton Ocala Fla.

“…the gratitude I have…”

“ I cannot describe the gratitude I have for Matthew, Callie and their team. We had a very frustrating experience with a home that was behind on repairs, taxes and monthly payments. The stress is hard to describe. Bringing Matthew and company into our situation saved everything. Our credit was saved, our home was suddenly sold and the stress in our life was diminished. I can’t say enough about their dedication and effort to help restore our lives and get this big weight off our shoulders. At a time when foreclosure seems eminent and bankruptcy seems absolute it becomes difficult, you feel that no one is on your side. These guys are on your side and they act quickly. I not only found a great company but also a great friend that really does care “

- R. Green Safety Harbor Fla.
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