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In 2002 Matthew Rochell initiated and executed what became an innovative and creative construction company. The Company developed into a unique and definitive business focused on creating and installing Residential Outdoor Living Spaces and Interior Remodel Projects. In time and through the growing process, it made sense to exclusively target renovation of Real Estate in Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas.

The expansion of business created an opportunity for Matthew and his wife Callie to combine talents. Callie then chose to leave her Corporate Management Position. The Rochell’s passion for Real Estate grew and after much deliberation, planning, and investigation they moved to Tampa to focus completely on Florida Real Estate and it’s vast opportunity.

After years of buying and selling homes in the Tampa area, the team began to grow and the company started buying, renting, and selling homes in multiple states. With very solid relationships and “boots on the ground” partners, 365 Home Buyers is still very much the LOCAL home buyer that people have come to know and trust.

As a professional Home Buyer in Tampa, Dan Venturino (pictured above) has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. He started his career in real estate by partnering in a house flip in Temple Terrace. Alongside his wife, the two worked tirelessly to build businesses that span industries such as eCommerce, retail, tanning and beauty salons, web development and even business consulting.

Over the years Dan has learned that each home is unique, and each seller has his/her own reasons for wanting to sell. He takes pride in customizing solutions that fit each property and seller, so that problems get solved and sellers can move on in a happier, richer life. Doing this takes listening skills, and the ability to craft a creative approach. Dan knows his job isn’t done until everybody wins.

He is an expert acquisition agent and disposition agent, relying on years of experience which have honed his instincts. In cooperation with the real estate brokerage, Dan is also real estate sales associate. Having this license and all of these skills in place, makes him the ideal person to work with if you want to sell your house fast and get the most for it.

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